We are a group of feminist activists from France, Canada, Morocco, Germany, Tunisia and Spain who met during the World Social Forum in Tunis in March 2013. We participated in several feminist mobilizations (for example, equal pay, sexual and reproductive rights, against gender-based violence, etc.) and we are now working together to connect feminist activists, movements, organizations, and networks around the world through the construction of an international network. The main goals are to strengthen feminist networking and increase the visibility of feminist activists around the world (while protecting those who want to remain anonymous) as well as to highlight the strength that feminists represent in each country and at the international level.

In a constrained economic and political environment, where a range of human rights that are essential to feminist struggles are regularly questioned, it seems critical to us to unite our strengths to achieve our goals.

We welcome all feminist activists, movements, organizations and networks to get involved in this multilingual network. Please take a look at a short presentation of the network and register via the form to receive information or to participate in the working group.

Looking forward to working together with you in this new network!

Download the presentation by clicking on the image

Appel aux feministes

International Feminist Network EN

8 responses to “English

  1. It really is unbelieveable: We are mor than half of the world’s population and most of us in this world live under miserable conditions with no rights and subject to all kinds of violence. Why? How did this happen?

  2. Joana

    Isn’t that the truth! Despite all the work we have done over the years, violence against women continues abated.It is soooooo frustrating.

  3. V

    Please translate into Russian and Arabic. There are plenty of feminists fluent in these languages to help you with translation.

  4. The empire is hitting back! We’ll have to question the system. Some of the still existing matriarchal societies give some intersting answers:The Mosuo in China, the City of Juchitan in mexico, for example, last but not least the Minankabao in Indonesia.

  5. How long does it take for the map to be updated? I submitted my name yesterday but it is not there yet. Thank you for this! I love to see my fellow feminists all over the world! #feminism #notadirtyword

  6. Hello all! Check out this YouTibe video I made, with Global Grassroots Justice, of our feminist gathering at the World Social Forum:

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